How does ASIT work on the immune system?

ASIT modulates the immune system, modifying the Th2 type immune response into a Th1 immune response to prevent the individual‘s allergic reaction.

Allergic diseases are not curable, although they can be well controlled. 70-80% of the atopic dermatitis cases can be well managed with allergen-specific immunotherapy. Some cases show, with this treatment, clinical improvement in a few weeks, while others need more extended time, even more than ten months, to demonstrate effectiveness.
It is recommended not to interrupt treatment, even if clinical signs completely resolve, since the process could be reactivated.

Please note, it is a life long treatment!

When should an ASIT be started?

• In animals over one-year-old diagnosed with atopic dermatitis.
• In seasonal allergies (pollen, insects) → after the season.
• For year-round allergies (mites) → at any time of the year.

Request: How long are the results of an allergen test valid for to order the ASIT?

They can be valid for a few months, but it is best to order immediately after receiving the result of the test. The sensitisation of the animal to allergens can change over time, so if the test is not recent (half a year or more), new tests should be carried out.

The goal is to provide an updated and specific treatment solution for each individual.

Request: Can ASIT be ordered from serological or intradermal tests not performed in BattLab?

Yes, it is necessary to indicate the allergens the clinician is wanting to include in the ASIT or send the results of the tests carried out.

"Standardised ASIT"? - Can ASIT be performed with a standardised allergen mixture?

Each allergic animal reacts individually to different allergens. Studies report that patients that receive a „standard ASIT“ with the most frequent annual and seasonal allergens show a much lower success rate (30%) than the ones who receive their individualised allergen solution. Therefore, an allergen differentiation must always be carried out to develop the individualised allergen-specific immunotherapy treatment.

ASIT preventive use: Does it make sense? For example, foals imported from Iceland to avoid Culicoides allergy?

No, if there are no clinical signs, there is no point in performing allergy tests or starting ASIT.
Positive results in allergen tests only mean possible sensitization or exposure to the allergen, which does not intend to trigger an allergic disease, nor the development of clinical signs.
The diagnosis of allergy must always be clinical. It is not based on the results of these tests alone.

Gestation: In case of pregnancy, what measures should be taken?

There are no studies on this matter, so this treatment should not be recommended during pregnancy.

Treatment interruption: The owner forgot the treatment application. Is it needed to vary the dosage or application regimen?

It depends on how long the interruption has lasted, if it is for a few days, continue with the treatment. If not, contact our dermatology and allergy specialists.

Vaccinations: Can they be applied during ASIT treatment?

Prophylactic vaccination treatments should not be applied on the same day as ASIT. They should be given between two monthly ASIT injections.
At shorter intervals, never before three days after ASIT.

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