Information for Blood Culture

There are 2 bottles of media for blood culture connected by a plastic collar. The bottle with the green top is suitable for aerobes and the red topped bottle is suitable for anaerobes.

Sample Collection

  1. Carefully remove the transparent protective cap from the lid of the bottle to expose the rubber seal.
  2. Disinfect the stopper using alcohol or iodised solution.
  3. Collect up to 10 ml of blood (no anti-coagulant).
  4. Inject the blood through the rubber seal in the top of each bottle with the needle (the rubber cap will reseal automatically) – approx 5ml in each bottle.
  5. Replace the transparent protective cap.
  6. Give the complete bottles to the BattLab courier.
  7. If there is a delay in letting us have the sample store at room temperature.