Instructions for DNA testing on dogs using cheek swabs

Preparation for sampling

Wait approximately 2 hours after a meal or treat containing food to begin the DNA collection using the cheek swabs.

Do not sample immediately after a meal, as this can contaminate the sample. Access to drinking water is not a problem.

Use two swabs for one dog. Inspect the mouth of the dog between the cheek and gums for food debris.

The objective is to collect DNA from cheek cells without any food particles.

Sample collection

Peel back the edges of the swab sleeve at the handle end, and remove the swab from the sleeve by holding the handle.

Avoid touching the bristle brush of the swab with your hand, as this will contaminate the sample with foreign DNA.

Holding the head of the dog, insert the swab into the mouth, turning the bristles away from the teeth towards the inside of the cheek. Holding the handle of the swab, firmly roll and rotate the bristle head against the inside surface of the cheek for about 15 seconds.

The objective is to collect a large number of cheek cells for DNA analysis.

Repeat this process on the other side of the mouth, using the second swab.

Handling the sample after collection

Air dry the swabs for 5 minutes by standing in a clean glass with the bristle ends uppermost to prevent bacterial and fungal action, which can degrade the DNA.

Re-insert each swab into the protective swab sleeve so that the bristle brush is completely covered by it.

Do not re-seal the sleeve, as this can promote bacterial and fungal growth.

Place the sleeve containing the two swabs in the small polythene bag and contact BattLab to arrange collection.