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Packing your samples

At BattLab our service delivers rapid and reliable results, our turnaround time often depends on the sample being correctly packed to reach us in the best condition possible. When specimens are not properly packaged some incidents can occur, such as formalin leakages from histopathology pots, which is hazardous for the laboratory staff and would ruin any cytology samples contained within the same packet.

As a reminder, shipping of samples in the post or with a courier is covered under legislation. The onus is on the sender to ensure the package complies and the shipper can refuse to handle the sample should they feel it does not comply with legislation. Here are some tips to ensure we receive samples in good conditions, and these can be turned around quickly.

Top tips:

  • place the sample inside of a leak proof container, which should be sealed in a secondary package such as a sealed biohazard bag
  • the outer packaging must be of adequate strength for the sample, the package must be able to withstand a drop test from a height of 1.2 metres
  • within the package there must be sufficient absorbent material to absorb all of the sample volume, for instance blue roll or cotton wool
  • the senders name and address must be clearly visible from the outer packaging
  • include a fully completed submission form, this details the content of the package in case it is intercepted during its journey to the laboratory
  • the package should display a diamond and contain the letters ‘UN3373’ along with a note ‘Category B Biological Substance’ Or ‘Exempt animal specimen – non-hazardous’

Well packaged samples help us to return the results without delays. Further information on samples and for any wanting to send anything that does not fall under ‘Category B Infectious Material’, for instance a sample that is known to contain dangerous human or animal pathogens which falls under ‘Category A’, please follow these guidelines.

Submission forms

Submission form

Rabies submission form

MWI submission form


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