At BattLab we deliver a full cytology service for all domestic species. This is provided by our on-site Board Certified Veterinary Clinical Pathologists, Francesco Cian (DVM DipECVCP FRCPath MRCVS) and Oriol Jornet Rius (DVM, MRCVS, ECVCP resident).

Cytology is a rapid, simple, safe and cost-effective diagnostic method for the diagnosis of a large variety of inflammatory and neoplastic diseases.

The turnaround time for all cytology submissions is within 24 hours of receipt of the sample. Our clinical pathologists are also available to discuss results and for advice. Samples may be submitted as air-dried smears or fluid for processing.

The following are a few tips on submitting samples for cytology that will help:

  • Clinical history and location are vitally important in interpreting cytology samples. Submission forms should include a brief clinical history, site of collection and appearance of the lesion/organ been sampled. Frosted ended slides should be appropriately labelled (name patient, site of aspiration), particularly relevant when submitting samples from multiple lesions.
  • Exposure to formalin of any kind renders samples un-‘readable’ via traditional Romanowsky stain therefore cytology samples should be sent in a separate, sealed bag from any biopsy specimens.
  • When submitting fluid samples of any kind, it is best to provide both EDTA and plain tubes samples, as well as one to two air-dried direct smears.
  • In cases where bacterial culture of a fluid may be required, a separate sample (in a plain tube) must be provided.
  • Bone marrow aspirates should always be submitted with a concurrent EDTA blood sample (or no longer than 24h difference in sampling times). In absence of peripheral blood evaluation, bone marrow interpretation is frequently not possible.

For specific enquiries about our clinical pathology services, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0247 632 3275