FGF-23 testing for veterinarians

We are thrilled to announce that BattLab now offers cutting-edge FGF-23 testing, a revolutionary diagnostic tool tailored for veterinarians!

FGF-23 has recently achieved significant recognition, becoming an integral part of IRIS staging for cats. Its inclusion makes it a vital addition to your diagnostic arsenal, especially when dealing with cases of chronic kidney disease, where changes in phosphate metabolism play a crucial role.

By detecting elevated FGF-23 levels early, you can take proactive measures to lower phosphate concentrations and implement timely therapeutic interventions, significantly enhancing the quality of life and prognosis for their beloved animal patients.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to advance your practice with our state-of-the-art FGF-23 testing! For further insights into the test, we invite you to explore the scientific paper authored by our team at Laboklin: Scientific Paper

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