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How long have you been at BattLab?

Just over six years… every day has been a learning day!

Can you tell us your favourite thing about working at BattLab so far?

Ah, there are so many things!  First the interaction with the Vets and their team.  From the morning phone calls for courier collections to, as happened today, a conversation with a Vet and the words we avoid or cannot say!  It’s not just the receptionist, Practice Managers etc. that can struggle with these pronunciations!

Being in the position of being able to go that extra mile when possible for an urgent case makes all the difference to anyone working in a diagnostic lab, hanks to being an independent lab we have so much more opportunity to do so.  I think anyone working in the veterinary industry or pet owner can appreciate this care of duty we have.

Why do you do what you do?

Originally the opportunity to use my accounts and data analysis skills to help a “small business” progress was a huge influence, also to extend my skills in other areas I am now responsible for was an incentive.  However, I had planned a limited time frame.  I have stayed beyond these goals due to the love of the diagnostic elements, the team we have local as well as internationally and not forgetting the many client relationships we have.  All these people and the work give so much personal and professional gratification to my life.

What is the best piece of advice anyone has given you in your career?

Working as an account assistant I was called to the financial directors office who was questioning overpayment cheques that had been signed off by other directors in another department.  She asked me “why is this correct?”, I was new to the business and accounts.  I knew it was but didn’t have the answers.  After going away and doing the calculations myself I went bank with the answers and she signed off.    After this day she never questioned my submissions and other directors got used to me questioning submissions. Further to this I had other meetings with her where I had created bulk deal spreadsheets.  All the calculations were spot on, but she told me “don’t ever be afraid to drive” (meaning the PC in the meeting).  Rather than advise as such, I learnt to have confidence in myself that other people already had in me. 

The moto I have learnt is: if you don’t think the data is correct, don’t be afraid to question, if you are 100% sure don’t be afraid to challenge.  If you are not 100% sure, seek advice. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love to cook!  Give me a new recipe to try and cook and I’m in heaven.  My Mum says I am very good at different sauces.  The chance to spend a day in the kitchen cooking up a three-course meal gives me a sense of achievement. When given the time I love a good ramble with friends (with one or two pubs along the way) and camping with friends. Basically, I am a very social person.