Robert started his journey in the veterinary field qualifying initially as a veterinary nurse. Subsequently, he joined the USAMVBT (Romania) to train as a veterinary surgeon. After four years, he transferred his studies to the University of Bologna (Italy), where he graduated as DVM with honours in 2010. He spent the following year working in a referral clinic laboratory in Italy. A year later, he returned to the University of Bologna to pursue a PhD, which he defended in 2014. During his PhD, Robert spent a 4-month period at Auburn University in USA to expand his clinical pathology. The following two years he works as first opinion vet in Italy and UK. In 2016 he started a residency program in a private lab in the UK, which he concluded in 2020. In 2021 he obtained ACVP (clinical pathology) diploma and shortly after joined Battlab. Robert’s main professional interests are cytology, oncology, infectious diseases, and haematology.



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