NEW Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) & culicoides antigen therapy

BattLab have launched a NEW SLIT therapy option alongside our comprehensive range of screening tests and subcutaneous therapy. Furthermore, we can now include culicoides allergen in both equine subcutaneous therapy and SLIT.
Attached is our June 2020 price sheet addendum to reflect the new therapies alongside the existing tests and subcutaneous immunot-herapy (SCIT). Whilst this includes more details on the tests availa-ble, they remain at the same excellent prices.

Why have this as an alternative to the traditional subcutaneous therapy?

Studies continue to demonstrate that Allergy Specific Immunother-apy (ASIT) is an effective treatment for atopic dermatitis (AD).
One challenge is compliance, with long term injections some owners are understandably reluctant.
Whilst with support clients can be taught to give ASIT injections
safely, working with clients giving this one to one instruction of how
to inject their pet maybe a further struggle at a time where we try to socially distance ourselves from clients.
Secondly, research has shown that a number of dogs who had not responded favourably to SCIT did respond to SLIT (DeBoer DJ et al, 2012).

The difference with allergy testing at BattLab

We are keeping with our targeted panel approach for allergy tes-ting with the option to add further individual tests
to your dermatological work up, we appreciate clients funds are not always plentiful.
BattLab is the only UK provider to use the patented Heska test for environmental allergy testing in dogs and cats.
This patented FcEpsilon-receptor test overcomes the potential problem of cross-reactivity with anti-CCD IgE.
This may be cause of false multi-positive results that may compli-cate the identification of the allergens that are really responsible for the clinical signs of atopic dermatitis. If not correctly identified, CCDs may also lead to an incorrect selection of allergens to include in the allergen-specific immunotherapy.


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