A comprehensive approach to canine mast cell tumours
webinar series

Virbac are proud to work in collaboration with BattLab/LABOKLIN to offer veterinary surgeons a unique and comprehensive webinar series on canine mast cell tumours, in a series of 3 complimentary bitesize webinars with eminent specialists in their respective fields.

Each 30 minute session focuses on a specific aspect of MCT diagnostics followed by a multidisciplinary Q&A with specialists.

Sara’s webinar takes a GP perspective on mast cell tumours; their clinical presentation, how to achieve a diagnosis. With guidance on staging followed by an overview of treatment options including the latest novel intratumoural injection, Stelfonta®.

Roberta’s session focuses on the histopathological features of mast cell tumours. Discussion will include MCT prognostic factors with a focus on proliferation markers and grading evaluation.

Francesco discusses MCT cytology; their cytological presentation, diagnostic challenges and discussion around cytological grading and staging.

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